Types of Garage Doors

Why Does The Garage Door Close Part Of The Way And Then Re-Open?

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The garage door has special equipment which helps prevent injury if it is not functioning correctly. Its safety features can be triggered, which could be causing the door to travel up and down when you don’t believe you have triggered the mechanisms. Check Yourself If you have a problem with the door going up and down and it is unexplained, you and your family should take extra care when you are around the unit. Don’t activate the door unless there are no obstructions in its path. Don’t let anyone run under the door as it is closing and don’t ever let children play with the remote control. Check for Outside of the Garage Issues Interference can come from beyond your garage, since the garage door opener receives a frequency similar to that of a radio station. You could also have old remotes somewhere in the home triggering the signals. Interference could be from changes at military bases, sprinkler timers, airports, power lines, or telephone lines as well as other garage door remotes. Check the Eye Sensors Make sure the eye sensors are free of any dirt or debris, so you have a solid light on the sensors. If dirt gets on the lenses or if the sensors are bumped out of alignment, you can have the up and down problem. Check the Force Setting Before you make any adjustments, you should determine whether the door opens okay manually. If the door opens and closes okay, you should then check the force setting. The force setting on the remote control might not be set correctly. The unit tells the door opener how much resistance the door needs and will reverse if more is available than necessary. Check the Opening and Closing Adjusters Search for internal or external springs that have adjustment screws. Check the owner’s manual for the location of the door’s adjusters. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, take the model number and check for the location using the Internet. You can make the adjustments a little at a time. Make the adjustment by loosening the screws on the shaft collar and press firmly toward the motor with the collar while applying pressure to the retaining ring to tighten the set screws. If you are dealing with a wacky door you can try some of these pointers, but don’t be too discouraged if you can’t fix the issue on your own. You can always contact a team of garage door installation and repair professionals who understand your...

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Tips For Turning Your Garage Into A Safe Playroom For Your Kids

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If you would love to create a playroom for your kids but are short on space inside the house, you might be thinking about transforming your garage. This can be a great idea since it can provide your kids with a big, open space for playing, and it can help keep toys and other clutter out of the main areas of your home. However, you have to make sure that the garage is as safe as possible for your little ones before it can be used as an effective playroom, so consider these tips during the transformation process.  Restrict Access to the Garage Door Opener You won’t want your kids to be able to open the garage door — otherwise, they could wander their way out of the garage without you realizing it, or they could get hurt by the garage door itself. There are actually a couple of ways that you can restrict access. If your kids are smaller, you can work with a garage door repair professional (such as one from A AAA Allstate Door Company) to have the wall controls moved up high, where your kids cannot reach them. For added safety or for kids who may be taller and able to reach wall controls that are higher up, you can also have a garage door repair professional completely disconnect the power to the garage door. Add Some Cushion to the Floor While your kids are playing in their new garage door play area, you have to worry about them potentially tripping and falling on the hard floor. With your average garage floor, a fall can cause serious injuries. Luckily, adding some cushion to the floor can help make the area a whole lot safer and can help make falls a bit less devastating. You can cover the entire floor with a play mat or a large piece of indoor/outdoor carpeting. Non-slip mats like the ones that are used in restaurant kitchens can also help prevent slips and falls and can cushion any falls that might occur. If you want to give your kids a great place to play, converting your garage into a playroom can be a great option. However, you’ll need to follow these simple tips if you want to make it as safe as possible for your little ones. Then, you won’t have to worry about them nearly as much when they are playing away in their new play area and can enjoy the perks of having a separate playroom for your kids and storage space for their toys games, books and...

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Testing Your Garage Door’s Safety Features

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Every garage door should have working safety features in order to keep you and your family safe. You should know what possible safety features your garage door might have, as well as how to test them to ensure they are working and how to stay safe beyond safety features. Safety Features Your Garage Door Might Have Most automatic garage doors come with a built-in set of safety sensors. These are a visual way to tell the door mechanism when something like your car or a child is blocking the door path. When the sensors beam is blocked, the garage door should stop or reverse and go back up. Your garage door should also be properly balanced. That means it shouldn’t come falling down, slamming itself shut due to gravity. Finally, most doors have a pressure sensor. If the door hits something solid in its path, it should reverse itself like it would do if the safety sensors were tripped. Testing the Features To check your safety sensors, you should start out by examining them. If the LED display on them is green, they should be working. You can test them by putting a cardboard box in the path of the sensors. Your garage door should reverse itself and not descend. You can check the balance by simply unhooking the door from the drive chain of the automatic system. If it holds in place midway down without falling, it’s working properly. You can test the pressure sensors by lowering the door onto something like a brick. When the door encounters that resistance, it should take itself back up. Staying Safe Beyond Built-in Features One important thing that parents can do to ensure the safety of their children around garage doors is to educate them. Show your child how the door works, and make sure they understand the dangers that can result from playing with the opener features. It’s also a good idea to not use your garage area as a place for your pet. Dogs and cats are the most frequent victims of malfunctioning safety features in automatic garage doors. Finally, check your sensor beams regularly. They’re located in the garage door tracks, near the floor. Keep them clear of dust and cobwebs at all times. If you have an outdated garage door without safety features, or you notice that a number of your safety fixtures aren’t working, call in a garage door installation specialist right away. You might have to have a new garage door installed entirely, or they might be able to add additional safety fixtures, and they certainly will be able to fix any safety fixtures that might be...

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Troubleshooting A Stubborn Garage Door That Won’t Open

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You push the button on your remote control and the garage door starts to open, then stops. You try a few more times with the same results. The garage door barely makes it off of the ground before stopping. Here are some troubleshooting tips that you can do to see if there is a simple fix or you’ll have to call a garage door repair company for service. Check the Garage Door Springs High tension springs counterbalance the weight of the heavy garage door to make it easy to open. If any of the springs are broken or disconnected, the door may start to open, then stop. Locate the springs running parallel and just below the ceiling. Make sure all of the springs are intact and connected at one end to the ceiling and the other to a pulley and cable assembly. If you see a problem with the springs, call the garage door service quickly. Don’t attempt to do anything with the springs yourself as they are dangerous to work with for the inexperienced person. Check the Rollers The rollers along the sides of the door guide the door up and under the ceiling. If one of the rollers becomes jammed, the door may not open. Locate the rollers on both edges of the garage door. Observe that they rest within a metal track that goes up toward the ceiling, then curve to run parallel to the ceiling. Look for any rollers that may have been knocked out of the track. If so, carefully push the roller back into the metal track and try the door again. Look for any bends or twists in the track that may stop a roller. If you see any, contact a repair company to replace the track. If there are no obvious problems with the rollers or the track, try opening the garage door from inside while watching the rollers move in the track. You may spot a broken or stuck roller. If a roller appears to not be moving, you can try spraying it with a silicone lubricant to loosen it up. Check the Pressure Sensor A pressure sensor built into the motor causes the garage door to stop whenever it meets a certain level of resistance. Check around the garage door for something that may have fallen against the door causing the sensor to stop it from opening. A broom or garden rake may have wedge itself against the door and garage wall. Remove any suspicious objects and try the door again. Find the dial on the back of the garage door opener motor that says “Pressure” and turn it in the direction marked “Less”. Try the door again. Check the Garage Door Opener Motor If you find no other problems, the opener motor may be going bad. If you can manually open the garage door, then it is likely the motor. Find the emergency release handle for the garage door. It is hanging down from the ceiling toward the front of the garage in the middle of the tracks running along the ceiling. Pull the handle straight down until you feel it click. Try to manually pull up the garage door. If the springs are intact and there are no jammed rollers, you should be able to lift the...

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Learn How To Make Your Home More Secure And Protected From Thieves

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If you aren’t sure how secure your home is with regards to keeping burglars out, then you want to make some changes around your house so you know that it is a secure environment where you can sleep and leave with little concern over someone being able to get in and rob you. Reading the information detailed here will help you to turn your home into a safer place. Get a full-grown large dog If you want instant protection, you can get a full-grown dog that’s large in size. A great place to get such a dog is from the local animal shelter, although you can also check local classified ads for dog’s being given away by their current owners. Once the dog starts to feel at home with you and around your house, they will naturally want to protect it by barking and growling at unknown trespassers. There is a small chance you will get a dog that doesn’t seem to mind strangers and if this is the case, then you can have them trained to protect your property. Once a person who’s considering breaking into your home realizes they have to get past a large dog, they will more than likely change their mind and leave your house alone. Not only will they not want to get attacked, but the dog will also alert you and neighbors to a break in and this means more chances of them getting caught. Install a security system A security system is another very important addition to make to your home when you are serious about securing it. The sight of a security system can be enough to keep many from breaking in. If someone decides to ignore the warning signs and go ahead with a break in, the system will alert those in your home, those around your home and the authorities. This means there is very little chance of the criminal getting away. You should choose a system with monitors for all your doors and windows, motion sensors, a siren that is installed so neighbors can hear it clearly, cameras that monitor all weak areas around the outside of your home and remote access. This lets you know that your home is protected and you can monitor and control it even when you are away from the house. Secure your garage door properly If you have a garage door that opens with the use of a remote control, then it also has a security lever located near the ceiling, by the motor box. This lever has a small hole in it with a string and you pull it to open the door quickly. This lever is also a weakness, as many criminals have learned how to use them to get into someone else’s garage. They use a thin, but strong, wire from the outside to pop the door open and some have become so good with the wire they can get in a door very quickly.   You want to be sure you secure your lever so your garage door can’t be opened from someone using this method. Take a strong wire or a zip tie and put it through the hole in the lever. Wrap the wire or zip tie around the track located above the lever and...

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Top Questions You May Have About Your Faulty Garage Door

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Do you own a home with a garage? Has the garage door ceased working properly? If garage door issues are making it hard for you to get your car in and out of your garage, you undoubtedly want to get it fixed as soon as possible. But before you go making any set plans, here are the answers to some questions you might have about garage door repair: Why won’t the garage door close all the way? One of the most common culprits for a garage door not closing all the way is a misaligned pair of safety eyes. When the eyes are aligned, they shine a beam of light between them. If something breaks that beam, getting in the way of the door, the eyes refuse to let the garage door close. However, the beams may only think that there is something between them. The eyes may have been accidentally nudged out of place in some manner. The garage door safety eyes can also act up if exposed to bright sunlight or if the eyes have gotten dirty or covered by a spiderweb. Cleaning or otherwise realigning the eyes is usually a simple garage door repair, but you may still need to enlist the help of a professional if you’re unable to complete the job yourself. Why does the garage door suddenly feel heavy and refuse to open? When a garage door refuses to open, this is usually the result of broken or damaged garage door springs. You can try lubricating the garage door tracks, per manufacturer specifications, but that won’t help much if the spring is what’s causing problems. Unfortunately, replacing a faulty or broken spring is not a garage door repair that should be attempted by the average person. A garage door spring can hold a lot of potential energy. As you’re installing it, it can break free and cause severe injury to yourself or anyone nearby. A professional garage door repair technician from a company like Duncan Door Service Inc is better equipped to deal with the possible danger. Why does my garage door open and close at random intervals? It can be extremely frustrating when your garage door starts to open and close of its own accord. Fortunately, this garage door repair can be easy. One of your neighbors, perhaps on the block behind you, has a garage door that operates on the same frequency as yours. When he or she opens his or her garage, yours will open as well. Most garage door openers allow you to choose between a few different frequencies. If you’re unable to find your user manual to tell you how to do this, a garage door repair professional can take care of it for...

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Tips For Keeping Your Garage Door Free From Problems

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There are many homeowners that may make the error of neglecting their garage doors. While this can be an easy task to overlook, it can cause your garage door to be far more likely to suffer mechanical issues. If you are unsure of the steps needed to keep your garage door problem free, you will benefit from using the following maintenance tips to ensure this powerful mechanical device functions correctly. Routinely Check The Garage Door’s Balance While garage doors are normally extremely reliable devices, they can eventually become imbalanced. When this problem arises, the garage door will be far more likely to jam, warp or suffer a number of other issues. To avoid this type of problem, you should regularly check the balance of the door. To do this, you will need to manually open the door about half way. Leave it in this position for several minutes and check to see whether it has lowered. When this type of repair is delayed, the problem will gradually worsen until the door’s guides warp. As a result, you should conduct this test at least once every few months to ensure this type of problem is spotted and repaired before it leads to serious issues. Replace The Garage Door’s Seals Water seeping into the garage from rain storms and drastic temperature changes are routine threats for garage doors. To minimize the risks of these problems developing, the door is equipped with weatherproof seals that are designed to keep the weather outside from causing issues inside your garage. Unfortunately, these seals will gradually break down due to exposure to the elements. Therefore, you will need to change them at least once every few years to ensure they are providing your garage with optimal protection. Luckily, this is a relatively simple task, and you will only need to pull the old seals off of the door. They will typically be located along any joints in the door, and these locations may be marked in the owner’s manual. The new seals can be installed by removing the backing before firmly pressing them to the garage door. Keeping a garage door free from problems can be a more complicated task than you may realize if you have recently purchased your first home. Luckily, having an understanding about the need to check the garage door’s balance as well as changing the seals will help you to keep this part of your home working correctly. For professional help with garage doors, contact a service like America’s Garage Doors...

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Important Information About Safe Garage Door Operation

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An improperly installed garage door and its components can be a huge safety hazard, especially if you have children and pets. While hiring a reputable garage door installer is a good idea for being sure your door is installed correctly, learning about a few key aspects of the safest installation is helpful to avoid unnecessary mishaps. Check out these installation guidelines for making certain your garage door is installed in the safest manner and that it will continue to provide you with years of uninterrupted service. A Word About Your Garage Door’s Safety Eye Circuit An improperly installed safety eye can mean you or your children and pets can be injured during the operation of your garage door. If a safety eye is mounted too low, it will not sense the door closing until it is too late, being close enough to ground level to allow a child or animal to become caught underneath the door while it is closing down. Avoiding this type of deadly accident is paramount and can be done by ensuring the safety eye is mounted at the correct level. Experts recommend the safety eye to be mounted no more or no less than six inches from the floor for providing the safest garage door operation. The Safest Placement Of Your Garage Door Operation Button If a small child can reach the wall button that opens and closes your garage door, it is too low. A improperly placed wall button can become a fascination for small children because most of them love pushing buttons. Experts recommend placing your garage door operation button at least five feet up on the wall to prevent small children from reaching it. For the best garage door operations, consider placing an electronic button instead of the traditional one button style. Safety Eye Sensor Wires And Pigtailing If the wiring from the safety eye sensor is pulled too tightly, it could easily become loosened, causing sensor failure. If the sensor fails, the risk of accidents is much higher. Take a look at the wiring coming from your safety sensor. If it is too tight and does not have a pig tail assembled at its point of connection, contacting a professional for proper re-wiring is a good idea. Pig tailing is when the wire is coiled up for allowing enough extra wire to stretch out if it is pulled, as in the case of something catching or snagging on it. A pig tail at the eye sensor connection should also be covered with an appropriate cover and wiring from it secured along the wall beside the door. A properly installed garage door can be a wonderful addition to your home. If you worry about some aspects of your garage door not being as safe as they could be, contact a professional garage door service for making repairs. Preventing an accident is a lot easier than someone, especially your children, getting...

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Preventative Maintenance On Your Garage Door

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A garage door has a lot of moving parts and different components that can begin to wear out over time. If you do not properly take care of your garage door, you will most likely end up having to replace it or hire someone to fix it which can become expensive. In order to ensure that you do not have to replace it, you can take a few steps to make sure that you are properly maintain your garage door. This will guarantee your garage door stay in great condition and last for many years: 1. Check the Weather Stripping. On the bottom of the garage door is a strip of plastic or rubber that provides a seal between your garage and the outside. This is known as weather stripping. Over time, this stripping can become damaged or worn out and it will begin to allow water and other elements into the garage. In order to prolong the life of the weather stripping you can lubricate it with mink oil or silicone spray  so that it stays soft and does not become brittle. You can also go to a home improvement store to purchase new weather stripping by the foot. This is inexpensive and easy to install. 2. Lubricate the Moving Parts. Rollers, joints, chains, and springs are all constantly moving on a garage door. These can easily become dried out and start to wear out. One sign that you need to lubricate these moving parts is that you will begin to hear squeaky and grinding noises. By taking a silicon lubricant you can spray these moving parts. Not only will it prolong the life of these parts but it will also make the garage run a lot quieter. 3. Tighten All of The Hardware. An average garage door opens and closes around 1500 times a year. Each time this happens, the hardware can loosen up and cause the garage door to be loud and run less smoothly. You will want to take a wrench and tighten the screws, bolts, rollers brackets, and any other pieces of hardware that can loosen up. All of these tasks are quick, easy, and very inexpensive. They will help to ensure that your garage door can continue working properly for many years without the need for major repairs. You can also bring in a professional to take a look at the motor and give it a tune-up on a regular basis. Contact a company such as DSI Door Services North Shore if you want to learn...

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3 Things To Look For In Your Next Garage Door

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Most people don’t ever really stop to think about their garage door–that is, until one day it conks out for good. If you’re in need of a new garage door, but are baffled by the multitude of bells and whistles now available, read on. This article will point out three of the most important features to look for in an automatic garage door. Dual-frequency Opener Remember the old days, when opening the garage meant getting out of the car and struggling to raise the ponderous door? Those days, thankfully, are gone. Almost all of the garage doors on the market today can be opened at the push of a button. However, that fact can sometimes cause trouble in itself. You see, the majority of garage door openers work in a narrow range of frequencies. As a result, overlap between neighboring houses is not uncommon, especially in areas of high population density. Luckily, you can avoid having your door open each time your neighbor’s does by opting for what is known as a dual-frequency door opener. Rather than using just one frequency to communicate with the garage door, these more sophisticated openers use two. In other words, unless both frequencies are present, the door won’t open. This greatly reduces the likelihood that stray signals from neighboring houses will trigger your garage door. Backup Battery In the event that the power goes out, nearly all doors come equipped with a manual release. This means you won’t end up getting trapped in the garage should the power go out while you’re parking your car. But while this feature can be a literal lifesaver for those who are capable of lifting a garage door, what about elderly people, or those with disabilities, who may not be able to? Fortunately, there’s an answer: a garage door with integrated battery backup. As you can probably guess, battery backup is simply a source of reserve power, which can be used to open the door in the absence of electricity. This feature provides an extra measure of peace of mind that anyone can appreciate. Belt Drive Old fashioned garage door openers tended to sound like the whole garage was collapsing, each time they opened and closed. Thankfully, this no longer has to be the case. By selecting the right drive type, you can greatly diminish the noise of your garage door. There are three principal drive types: chain, screw, and belt drives. Of these, belt drives are far and away the quietest. They operate using a heavy-duty rubber belt, not unlike the belts used in the engine of a car. This eliminates the harsh rattle produced by the metal parts of chain and screw drives.   For more information, contact Overhead Door Of Akron or a similar...

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